It has been three months since Sridevi's demise. But the news about Sridevi refuses to die down as she is still the heartthrob of most movie fans in India. Daughter Janhvi is also gaining prominence in the media and her equation with mother Sridevi has always been a topic which people like to read.

Adding to this, the latest discussion claims that Sridevi had set some rules for Janhvi, especially after her debut film was announced. Especially after watching 25-minutes of the footage of Janhvi's debut Dhadak, Sridevi is said to have commented: "You cannot wear anything on your face."

Yes, Sridevi is known for her fashion and style-statements in whichever event she attended. So, first advice Sridevi gave after keenly observing Janhvi in Dhadak, was the make-up she had applied on her face. The actress noticed that the maskara was not rightly put, after which she instructed Janhvi to not apply anything on her face. 

However, We'll have to watch the movie to find out exactly why Sridevi said so. Sridevi was seen by the side of Janvhi in most of the events they attended together. With Janhvi being taken as the sensation by the shutterbugs, she is seen making style statements now.

Will Janhvi continue to abide by her mother's rules?