Sandalwood actor Ninasam Sathish, who was basking in the success of his movie "Ayogya" which released on August 17, 2018, is all set to make his directorial debut in his upcoming movie, "My name is Sidde Gowda."

According to reports, it is said that Sathish has written the story and screenplay for this Kannada movie. The film shoot is expected to start in February. The movie will also be made in Telugu and Tamil under different titles. Sathish also said that he had been writing stories for the past few years and has kept about 2-3 scripts ready for shoot.

The film revolves around the journey of a character called Sidde Gowda. Speaking on the essence of the story, Sathish explained that life has to move on no matter what the hurdles a person faces. He also said that the story was inspired by his life’s journey.

This upcoming movie of Ninasam Sathish will be produced under the banner of Sathish Picture House and Leader Film Production.