There are some actors who are known for keeping relations cordial with every star they work with. Rather than just finishing their shoot in the movie, wrapping up promotions and taking the road back home, some actors choose to keep in touch with co-stars and directors, to ensure that they are cast again and again.


Back then, there used to be talk about the likes of Tamannaah and Samantha, regarding their equation with all the actors they worked with. It is said that both stars maintain good relations with the directors they work with and that's why many filmmakers have even cast them thrice in their movies.


Among the happening stars of the day, people say that even Pooja Hegde has similar qualities. She maintains cordial relations with her co-stars and directors and that is why she has been cast repeatedly by the likes of Allu Arjun, Trivikram and Harish Shankar as well. The latest buzz is that even Prabhas has recommended her name for another flick while she's working with him on 'O Dear'.


Well, it goes to show that there is a way to reach the top by with one's own communication skills and friendship.