Her debut Bollywood movie Qareeb Qareeb Single with the talented  Irrfan Khan will be released soon. Parvathy will be seen romancing Irrfan Khan. The trailer of the movie has already been noted by the audience and have received positive comments.

In the trailer, we can see Parvathy swearing in Malayalam, saying "Vegam irangu, irangu kazhuthe" (get down fast. get down, you donkey), when Irrfan misses her train.

Recently, Irrfan Khan was in Kolkata to promote his film he shared a picture, where he is staring on the banks of river Hooghly. We can see Howrah bridge too. With the image, he also expressed how much he missed his heroine in the city of joy. 


Irrfan said in the post that he hates tears and that he was all alone during the date at Kolkata. Now a post is trending on social media. 

He also shared a video where we can see Irrfan lip-syncing on Jaane De song which is originally sung by Atif Aslam in the movie. However, here we can hear Parvathy's voice. Later, within a few second we see the actress coming in the video and sings in the same tone, that she is coming to meet him.

During the promotion of the movie, Irfan had praised Parvathy that she is a great talent. "She has a lot of fans in Kerala. Therefore, I’m afraid that if people would ever notice me in the movie," he said.


In the movie, the Charlie actress seems to be a mostly quiet person who loves nature and is single. Collectively, they set out on a journey to different parts of India in which they are likely to discover each other. The movie looks a light-hearted film with a pinch of fun. On the other hand, Irrfan is too loud, likes to crack jokes and has a rustic attractiveness.

The movie ‘Qareeb Qareeb Single’ directed by Tanuja Chandra, was shot in Rishikesh and Gangtok. It tells the story of two people meeting during a journey and falling in love. The film will
be released on November 10.