Salman said artistes come to Bollywood with proper visa and work permit. The stars comments came in the wake of Indian Motion Picture Producers Associations resolution to ban Pakistani actors from the industry following the terror attack on an army camp in Uri.


Raj Thackeray-led MNS had also issued an ultimatum to Pakistani artistes and actors including Fawad Khan to leave India.


"Pakistani artistes are just artistes and not terrorists. Terrorism and art are two different subjects. They come with proper visa and the government gives them a work permit," Salman said, when asked about his take on banning actors from Pakistan following the Uri attack. Veteran filmmaker Shyam Benegal said he does not see why Pakistani artistes should be banned.

"I have no stand on any of these issues. The actors are here because they have been invited to act in Indian films. Now they are not necessarily representing their government. If they were representing their government, then clearly they should go back. They are here as individual artistes. I dont see any reason why they should be asked to go away," Benegal said.

Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap questioned whether banning Pakistani artistes would solve the problem.


"If you want to send Fawad Khan, alright send him. Tell us the five next steps. What problems will be solved after sending Fawad Khan?" Karan Johar said. Salmans comments started trending on Twitter with his fans supporting the actor while other slamming him and accusing him of being against India. Filmmaker Ashoke Pandit slammed Salman and Benegal for their comments.