NOOBIR Morocco artist living in Abu Dhabi Outsick find him talented from his last song (Wallah) NOOBIR single then he decided to collab with him and put some unique vision and different especially in the Middle East the idea similar to Hollywood movie and the location in Abu Dhabi capital of UAE  

The idea of the video it was Outsick idea 
Director Mohamed Hussein and Khalid Alabdulla Music fills our lives with vibrancy and liveliness. It lends us a perspective. Good music is the soul of the world. A beautiful song can make our mood or change the day. Our favourite Arab rapper is all set to release their brand new track in collaboration with vibrant singer Noorbir. After the song ‘Wallah’, the duo is excited to develop unique music and exotic video. Mohamed Hussein and Khalid Alabdulla direct the video

Outsick and Nobiar and kami want to impose their influence in the market by a company that supports singers, imposes their influence with money, they go to the headquarters of the deal to make a deal with an organization that supports projects and talents, and they sit at a table discussing the strategy they want in the field of music when Outsick and Noobair and Kami enters the headquarters.

The guards one searching kami who entered with The artists because she is carrying a bag full of money and then they allow them to enter they sit on table facing the other crew it was a lot of guys standing behind (The Boss of white crew ) 

Outsick and him having a long discussion they reject the company agreement that Outsick and Noobair requested and turn the tables on Outsick and ignite the fire of cigar that makes the other crew get shocked when Outsick crew show up from the darkness and 2 guys from Outsick crew jump to the location and choke the security and surprise The white crew that Outsick and Noobair and kami were not alone, but they had a large crew as well coming from behind 

That makes the boss of the white crew sign the contract