Putting an end to rumour mills and speculations revolving around their relationship status, Malayalam actor Dileep and actress Kavya Madhavan tied the knot in a secret ceremony in Kochi in November last year.


This is the second marriage for both Dileep and Kavya. On being asked what made him decide that he should tie the knot with Kavya, Dileep said, "You all are aware of the problems in my life. However, Kavya was not the reason for any of them. Hence I wanted to marry the girl who had been made a scapegoat by linking her to me. I spoke to my daughter, mother and brother and they all extended their support."


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While the couple were slowly trying to get their lives back to normal and getting on with their work, it seems like fans are not the ones to forgive and forget. The actor is preparing for the Dileep Show 2017 which will be held in USA and Canada over April 28 to May 29. Dileep Show 2017 will also be attended by Kavya Madhavan, Rimi Tomy, Ramesh Pisharody, Dharmajan Bolgatty, Vishnu Unnikrishnan among others.



Take the example of this Malayalee fan in the USA who is in no mood to forgive the actor for his second marriage with Kavya Madhavan and in a Facebook video and he has appealed to fellow Malayalees and fans to boycott the couple, the actor and his work as far as possible. The fan who goes by the name Sabu Kattapana has also appealed that fans share and spread the word as much as possible.




This is what Sabu has to say:


“There is news of a prominent actor coming to the US and also that he will be doing a show. A group of us Malayalees in the USA have decided to boycott this programme. Reason being: This prominent actor first married a famous actress, had a daughter and then he married his wife’s friend. Then he showed goondaism by attempting to destroy the life of another prominent actress. We only made him an actor and so we, the public, should only take it back. There is only one way out and that is to boycott his shows.”


The man adds, “If this had happened to a common man then the news would have come out in another manner. It would have been reported with all the details and the man would have been in Central Jail by now. This is the difference between a celebrity and a common man.”


Seems like fans have taken the Dileep-Kavya marriage as a personal insult of sorts and forgetting reel and real life want to ask the star for an explanation for his actions. While, we do not support Mr Kattapana, we do see how we can use this method of boycotting more effectively. Whenever a politician fails to live up to his promise we should do the same. The power of social media also can be seen as the video has received over a million views and varied responses. Many chastising him for his actions, while others supporting him.


Someone called Thomy Oommen has posted a response to him



In Kerala, filmdom is serious business and events in the past few months with the assault on a Malayalam actress has also broken myths surrounding safety and hierarchy in the film industry. Mr Oommen has pointed out another part to the incident. He says: “This show is the culmination of the efforts of a lot of people and artistes and only when it is fulfilled can you call this show a success. This is a low hit by people trying to disrupt others work like this and we should never encourage such a behaviour.”