NS Madhavan has criticised the decision of taking back the superstar Dileep in the Association of Malayalam Movie Artistes (AMMA). On the last day of the session (June 25), he took to Twitter to express his angst. Dileep is one of the accused in Kochi actress assault case that grabbed headlines a year ago.



In the meeting, it is said that Dileep was taken back after the executive session. AMMA explained that Dileep's expulsion from the organisation was not legal. So he can rejoin the organisation.


The Women in Cinema Collective (WCC), an association of women artists from the Malayalam film industry, lashed out at AMMA for taking back actor Dileep into its fold. 


After a year of displacement, Dileep might return to the organisation. This is one of the first decisions made after Mohanlal took over as the president of AMMA. It is also decided that if Dileep is willing to join AMMA, he can or else nobody is going to pressurise him.