Malayalam actress Lena recently shared a video on her Instagram page, and it went viral among her fans.

On 16 May, the Ennu Ninte Moideen actress posted a short video of her eating glass, making her followers wonder whether it is real or fake. In the video, the actress is seen looking through the lens and saying "the art of eating glass".



A post shared by Lena (@lenasmagazine) on May 15, 2017 at 8:50am PDT


While some commented it is an actual glass, others claimed it is ice that she is chewing.

Later, Lena revealed in one of the comments that it is wax, and not glass. "It was just a joke. It is not glass... just wax [sic]," the actress commented on her Facebook page. 


The video has been viewed over 40,844 times on her Instagram account, named @lenasmagazine. The same video has also been shared on Facebook and YouTube.

Lena was recently seen in Honey Bee 2 and Avarude Raavukal. Beside Malayalam movies, she has also bagged several projects from Kollywood and Tollywood.