Indo-Russian pop singer and footballer Samir Babaev, best known by his stage name as Samir, told Asianet News in an interview that he wished to visit India Soon and perform here.

Born to a Russian family in Saint Petersburg, known as Leningrad during the Soviet Union, Samir is a graduate of the Saint Petersburg Academy of Theater Arts.

"I want to support Youngsters who are talented. I know a lot of things one have to go through after the day one decides to start a career in Music or Acting.' But I believe if we are on the right path with pure intentions nothing can stop us from achieving our goals, I have My strings attached with India and i wish to Visit and perform there soon during my Music Tour," Samir Babaev told us.

As a vocalist, Babaev sings in multiple genres and languages, including Kurdish. 

Earlier this year, Samir released his Song called 'MacKa' and in past few years, he has been awarded Multiple Music Awards. Samir was also Nominated for Major Awards like 'MTV Russia Music Awards' and 'Biz Asia Music Award', Samir was also entitled with the title of Rising Artist of Russia during a ceremony in the Kremlin for his achievements in art.

"I was very happy. It was an honour and a surprise. I have been in this field since the age of 16 alongside my Football career. I thank those who helped me become one of Russia's best artists," he said.

Samir is also a well known Footballer in Russia, Where he Plays for FC SKA Rostov-on-Don Football Club Before he started music as his carrier.

In 2016, along with his ensemble, he visited Syria's Khmeimim Air Base where Russian troops were stationed in a mission to aid the government forces there and sang for them.

"I went there to support our troops," he said. 

In 2011, he Participated and performed the first song written by him that's when he won the popular competition 'Juice FM Search For the star' where his performances with his band at Juice FM Style Awards got him the title voted by the audience as the best singer. later Samir went on to sign Lables like Sony/RCA and Nettwerk/Silver Fox.