Bengaluru: The Ganesh-starrer Kannada flick Gimmick is all set to release on August 15. While the moviemakers are gung-ho about the release, it is pertinent to mention the tragedy Ganesh had to stomach and the magnanimity with which he handled the entire setback.

A year ago, Ganesh came to the sets of the movie in Bengaluru. A bungalow had been hired to shoot a particular sequence in the movie. That day (August 27, 2018) before Ganesh left for the bungalow, he visited his ailing father admitted to a hospital.

And as soon as he came to the bungalow, he began readying for the shoot and even applied the makeup. And as he was to be cast that day, he got the most shocking news of his life! His dear father had passed away in the afternoon at 3 pm.

News of the death of a father can emotionally upset anyone. But Ganesh was different. He stayed phlegmatic and did not allow the situation to disturb him. He completed the day’s shoot and visited the father only after that.

But why did he decide to stay back?

Well, director of the movie Naganna said, “He finished the day’s shooting and left. It was only after he left that we came to know of the demise. He has a lot of care and concern for the directors and producers.”

Ganesh also chipped in, “At that point in time, I realised how a disturbed mind of an artist doesn’t allow him to perform freely and independently. I have no intention of hurting anyone. That is why I continued the shoot and left later.”