It is the wedding season in Bollywood. Anushka and Virat got married in 2017 end. Sonam Kapoor got married to her longtime beau Anand Ahuja, and soon after that Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi surprised everyone by their marriage pictures on social media. But there are couples who fans thought were surely getting married, but in reality broke the relationship and are now married to different persons. Yes, we are talking about John and Bipasha and their reason for breaking up, which is not known to many.

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At one point in time, John and Bipasha were one of the hottest and happening couples of Bollywood. Fans loved them and were eagerly waiting to for them to announce their wedding. What came along the way was more shocking when they announced their break-up. Both of them moved on with their lives. John married Priya Runchal, and Bipasha tied the knot with actor Karan Singh Grover but their affair is still fresh in people's minds, and so is their break-up. 

Like their love story, their break-up made a lot of tongues wagging. While John clearly stated that it was a mutual decision to break-up and all was amicable, Bipasha had an entirely different story to tell.

In an interview, Bipasha told that she was extremely hurt and heartbroken after the break-up. "No, it was definitely not amicable. No break-up is ever amicable. Otherwise, no one would break-up. There are always reasons. Otherwise, there won't be any break-ups", said Bipasha in the interview. Elaborating on the story, Bipasha said, "I felt abandoned. I was living in a 'la la land' till then. Now sitting today, I feel I was so foolish. During those nine years, I retracted from work, pushed back opportunities, stood like a rock for the man I loved, did give that extra time to my relationship to work and then I realised that the thing I was working so hard for was gone overnight." 

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In another interview, Bipasha was asked about exes being good friends. "Yes, exes can be good friends, but after a certain time. Though no break-up is a good break-up, time heals everything, including broken friendships. But cheating, infidelity and deceit are generally tough to forgive, and in those cases, real friendship is not possible", responded Bipasha to the question. 

Her response could have been a hint of what really happened between her and John.