An actress, model, singer and a former nun Sofia Hayat who goes by the name Gaia Mother Sofia, is not new to haters or trollers on the social media. She is active on her Instagram account and keeps her fans posted with the latest happenings of her life. 

Recently, she came across an indecent proposal from a netizen and she blasted him for the same in the best way ever. 

An Instagram user named Abhishek Singh send a direct message to Sofia, offering her Rs 20 lakh to spend a night. “20 lac for nyt….” read his message. Sofia snapped out at the user with the befitting reply. She wrote, “I wipe my ass with 20 lac…even 20 crores will not buy me..will it buy your mother..ask her?(sic)”




A post shared by Sofia Hayat (@sofiahayat) on Mar 9, 2018 at 11:20am PST


The former Bigg Boss contestant Sofia also took a screenshot of this message and shared it on her Instagram page to expose him and shame him. Many of her followers have commented on her post, lauding her reply and teaching him a lesson.

In June 2016, Sofia decided to shed her sexy avatar and turn a nun instead and became Gaia Mother Sofia. In a press conference, she left everyone shocked by displaying the silicone implants that were removed from her breasts. She said, "This (silicon implants) was a fake reality that I was putting on display then. I don’t live my life physically for other people."


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Later, she quit being a nun and went on to marry her boyfriend  Vlad Stanescu. Surprisingly, Sofia had also alleged in her Instagram post that she had given birth to Lord Shiva during one of her spiritual trips. Just after her marriage, she took the avatar of Allah Maa and started giving awareness about sacred orgasms and divine sex.