Darshan's Wodeyar goes Bollywood's Padmaavat way, thanks to Kranti Sena

First Published 23, Feb 2018, 7:59 PM IST
Darshans Wodeyar goes Bollywoods Padmaavat way thanks to Kranti Sena
  • Kranti Sena from Karnataka is threatening to stage protests against Darshan's upcoming movie Wodeyar
  • They want the title Wodeyar to be removed or instead make the movie based on Mysuru royal family

Karni Sena made headlines and became prominent by threatening to take away various body parts of actors and actresses of Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Padmaavat. Karnataka can boast of its own Kranti Sena, which is now threatening to protest against Challenging Star Darshan, whose upcoming project is Wodeyar.

The Kranti Sena apparently has a problem with the title 'Wodeyar' as the movie is not speaking about the grandeur of the Mysuru Wodeyar royal family. In fact, it doesn't speak about the royal family at all. Wodeyar movie, being a commercial film, is the reason why Kranti Sena is up in arms.

According to the Sena people, if the Wodeyar film was about the royal family, they would not have any problem. But naming a commercial movie with the name of a royal family is not acceptable.

However, the actor nor the crew of the movie have reacted to this threat, yet.