Gautami had a live-in relationship with Kamal Haasan for 18 years. She recently separated from him. She told a website that it took her two years to take that decision. She also made controversial comments on live-in relations.

“There is nothing to say that this fits tradition and this is against it. At any given time, human relations are the most prominent. One may find it right, the other wrong. It’s not only in marriage but also in any relation like teacher-student, sister-brother, parents-children or colleagues, a commitment is essential in any relationship. It is important to have respect for each other. One should go into a relationship only after giving respect to each other. I don’t mind if you say live-in relation or whatever name tag you give”, said Gautami to Tupaki.

She also aired her views on casting couch saying, “Nowadays we hear a lot about casting couch in the film industry. Everyone knows the meaning of casting couch. This is prevalent everywhere, not restricted only to the film industry. The point is how much do we allow it in our lives. We leave some standards to accomplish some works. For others we compromise. So adjustment is a personal decision. But we should evaluate beforehand and be prepared to face the consequences when we take the decision to compromise.”