A Lot has been said about the show, about the contestants, the tasks, the personalities, the different muddas raised so far, etc. Now it's time to turn the tables!

This weekend, viewers are in for an extravagant evening filled with entertainment song and dance performances which will depict their journey in the house so far.

The game is all set to take a new direction.

The host Salman Khan will take the reigns of entertainment into his own hands by speaking directly to the audience in the most candid chat ever
Special guests like Remo Dsouza, Punit Pathak, Salman Yusuff Khan, and Shakti Mohan will join Salman to double the excitement

The episodes will be filled with a whole lot of twists and turn where the equations between the contestants are all set to change in a major way.

There will be other surprise elements too, that will be added to the house this weekend?
Will these surprises change the game of the contestants in the house? Brace yourself for all the excitement that will be unleashed in this weekend’s episode.