You can love him, or hate him but just can't ignore him. Yes, Bigg Boss 4 winner Pratham, is making noise being in news all the time. But did you know Pratham is not Pratham?

When in Bigg Boss, Pratham praised the host Kichcha Sudeep to the extent that the star actor-director himself was embarrassed. Now, recently, Pratham was in Powerstar Puneeth Rajkumar's  show Family Power, and the Olle Hudga didn't leave even one stone unturned to praise Puneeth.

This mention was worth it because the real name of Pratham was revealed to Puneeth and the Powerstar was said to be surprised. Because Pratham's real name is Puneeth!

Yes, initially nobody believed it, but Pratham is said to have shown his Aadhaar card copy to the star with the name Puneeth.

Then why did Puneeth change his name to Pratham? According to the man himself, there is already a star by the name Puneeth. There should not be any replacement or copy of the name in the industry. "So, I changed my name to Pratham," he said.

Is this the heights of praising someone or is there any truth in it? We will answer this question, shortly. Till then, read Asianet Newsable for latest details of entertainment, politics and life.