Bhavana Pandey can be seen as a very family-oriented person as we got to see in her recent show, Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives.

What made our hearts melt most was when in a recent interview she revealed the best gift she had ever received.

With the sweetest response for her most precious gift received Bhavana said, "My most precious gift is, I got a ring as a wedding present from my grandmother, who's not alive anymore and she was like a mother to me and I was very very close to her so that gift will always remain the most memorable for me, always."

She handles the role of a mother, daughter, and wife while she also handles her work simultaneously and that is also what makes her so relatable to many women.

We have seen on the show how close she is to her daughters, husband, and her parents even after so many years of marriage and now we know how dearly she has always held her grandmother close to her heart as well.

Seen taking her mother's advice after a small fight with her friends made many feels like something they would do in a situation like this and to have that bond with family is what so many people aspire to have for life. Along with managing family time so well, Bhavana also co-owns the street fashion brand, LoveGen.