Baahubali’s filmmakers didn’t want to witness another leaked footage on the internet. After all, it was a major setback when a 12 minute video of the film’s first installment, Baahubali: The Beginning emerged on various online platforms. This time around, they took extreme precautions to stop the plot and video content from slipping through the cracks in their safety system.


This was easy when the film was being shot. However, it was a daunting task to keep track of the 36 VFX studios working on the film in its post production phase. And this is when the sequel’s VFX supervisor, Kamal Kannan, came up with an idea.


Kannan ensured that the main server containing Baahubali’s footage would be located in Germany. Furthermore, the team provided each technician with an id and a password, which had to be used to access various clips on the server.


This process gave filmmakers knowledge of who had accessed each clip and helped them keep a closer look on the technicians.  It certainly feels as if it’s worked so far since the film hasn’t suffered from a leaked clip on the internet.


Fans of the movie, who haven’t experienced any spoilers so far, are thrilled for the sequel’s premiere. However, the movie’s release might just suffer in Karnataka, where pro-Kannada outfits have taken umbrage at cast member Sathyaraj’s inflammatory remarks on the Cauvery issue a few years ago.


The actor, who plays the role of Katappa has nevertheless apologised. He said, “If any producer or director looks at me as a liability after this controversy, I request them to not cast me in their films.”


Director S.S. Rajamouli said the film bears no relationship to politics and advised fans to see the distinction. He tweeted, “The producer and I want to clarify on the issue... The comments must have pained some of you but there is no connection with the movie. Those were [his] personal comments and were made some nine years ago.”


Baahubali: The Conclusion  is set to release in theatres on April 28 2017.