Ayushmann Khurrana is full of surprises. He isn’t just a versatile actor and a singer, he’s also trickster. And he used this ability extensively during his college days.


The Vicky Donor actor used to routinely sing on Pashchim Express, a train that carried unsuspecting passengers and Khurrana from Delhi to Mumbai. Once aboard, his friends and him would sing and earn some money from those who felt generous. And he finally earned enough to travel to Goa on a vacation.

“We used to earn so much that we managed to sponsor our Goa trip from it! So yes, you can say I am a train singer,” he said.


This trickery formed a large part of his college life, said Khurrana at the audio launch of “Ye Jawaani Teri” from his upcoming film “Meri Pyaari Bindu.”


“Ye Jawaani Teri” is a nostalgic song that reminds the movie’s protagonists, Abhi and Bindu, of their college days.  But for Khurrana, this song bears no relation to his own college experience.


In his own words, the actor didn’t give in to love and relationships when he was a teenager mostly because he was very involved other activities such as  theatre, street plays and live shows.


Khuranna and Parineeti Chopra’s “Meri Pyaari Bindu” is a romantic comedy that’s set to release on May 12.