Oscar winning music composer AR Rahman performed in London's Wembley stadium on July 8 but fans were not too thrilled. Reason? The musician reportedly sang a few songs in Tamil. What followed was a heated discussion on why Rahman, a native of Chennai, even sang in his mother tongue. Twitter was abuzz with audience members criticizing him for performing in a language that's spoken south of the Vindhyas.

In fact, some angry fans even asked for a refund because they believed its Bollywood where Rahman earned his fame. Some Twitter users called Rahman disrespectful for singing in Tamil and the debate transformed into a North/South India divide. 

However, amidst this growing intolerance for languages other than Hindi, one brave voice reminded them that music knows no boundaries or language. Singer Chinmayi Sripaada took to Twitter and pointed out the double standards among sections of the Indian population.

She said that Indians can learn Spanish, speak English and live in a country that once colonised us, but we cry foul whenever we hear a language other than Hindi. She also reminded audience members that the concert was named "Netru Indru Naalai" and has 65 per cent Hindi songs. 

Her tweets have won the hearts of several people who said there's no space for hatred. One Twitter user told Chinmayi, "Music has no language barriers I have listened lot of hindi songs I don't understand the lyrics but I like the music."

Rahman's career took off when he composed music for Mani Ratnam's hit film, Roja in 1992. He went on to win the National Film Award that year for his song, Chinna Chinna Asai. Later, he drew a Japanese fan following for his songs in the Rajinikanth starrer, Muthu. 

So far, Rahman hasn't responded to those who've attacked him on Twitter. He's currently in New York for the IIFA awards.