Recently, Filmmaker Karan Johar announced his latest venture— a talent management agency- Dharma Cornerstone Agency (DCA). Johar has launched DCA in partnership with Bunty Sajdeh-owned talent management agency, Cornerstone where they would represent big talents now. However, from what we hear, Karan wants Alia Bhatt to join his agency and leave her current one. 

Alia is now stuck between choosing between Karan’s agency and her existing one, Matrix. While Karan is her original mentor, Reshma Shetty (who manages Matrix) has managed her career till now. It certainly is a dilemma for the young actress to fight!

But— if Alia does not join Karan’s agency, it might turn out to be a huge embarrassment for the filmmaker who proclaims Alia to be his ‘god child’ and the closest to his heart. In that case, no other talent will think of his agency as the one that has arrived in the market. If the sources are to be believed, this is making Karan anxious and here, Alia is in a pickle. Uh uh!