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10 atrocities Kangana's ex was made to suffer

10 Atrocities Kangana's ex was made to suffer
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The Hrithik- Kangana legal mess is getting uglier by the minute. After Hrithik’s wife, Sussanne jumped into the controversy and supported Hrithik, another ex has come out to support the actor, Kangana Ranaut’s ex – Adhyayan Suman has made some shocking revelations about Kangana Rananut. 

The Haal-E-Dil actor has made some startling revelations about how Kangana humiliated him and tortured him mentally and emotionally. 

Let’s take a look at few revelations from the interview: 


-    One day I took her for dinner at The Taj. I was immature as any 20-year-old and we got into an argument about our exes (hers was Aditya Pancholi) when she got angry and created a scene. She said she was going to the restroom. I waited for an hour then I called her. She told me she was at home.


-    I waited for five hours on her steps.

-    She got me to shave my hair off while attending the Filmfare awards.

-    She was walking ahead and I was walking behind her like her bodyguard.

-    Aditya Pancholi was standing at the exit and Kangana was just walking out. He stopped me, looked into my eyes and said, “Welcome to the circus my friend and all the best!”

-    I got a call from a journalist asking me if I was dating Kangana. I denied it saying she was just a friend.  I hung up and she began screaming that, ‘You are trying to hide the fact that you are seeing me! “You think I am just your f*** buddy?”

-    She made me call back the journalist and tell him how much I loved her.

-    Dad called me down and gave me the keys to my dream car — a BMW 7Series.  I wanted to share my happiness with her and called her to tell her about my dad’s gift. She said coldly, “Achcha? Really? They gifted you a one crore car? Aisa kya ukhada tumne life mein?”

-    I was talking on speakerphone and she was hearing everything. She told me, “Behen**** mujhe koi kyun nahi phone kar rahe yaar?” That was the first time I heard her abuse.


-  She told me to drop her home, and then in the car, she started hitting me. Eventually, I asked my driver to stop the car. I decided to take a rickshaw home. 


-   The next day we had a press meet for Raaz 2 at my building. Kangana said she wouldn’t come. Our PR started panicking but then she turned up. I took held her hand and said, “Baby I am so sorry. I love you.” She slapped me hard, again. I was just zapped! 

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