Capital Buzz: Mohan Bhagwat’s Vijayadasami speech sends stern message for BJP governance

opinion | Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017
R Rajagopalan

Mohan Bhagwat RSS Chief speech at Vijayadasami day in Nagpur has come as a booklet, titled as "Sarsanghchalak Sandesh ". It’s hot property at 10 Ashok Road, the BJP’s National Headquarters in New Delhi. 

The BJP Think Tank, on Tuesday, will deliberate on the 12 page booklet and will chalk out the main points for BJP to follow. Based on that Amit Shah is expected to communicate THE BJP policy if it is in conformity with the BJP 2014 poll manifesto. These communications will not only be sent to the Prime Minister’s Office but Amit Shah will follow up with the respective Union Minister. For example, on Agriculture RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat has given a few suggestions. Amit Shah would want Radha Mohan Singh to follow it up, with the government.

This is a turning point in the BJP-RSS relationship. Amit Shah is the brain behind introducing this 'think tank" system. Such an exercise will not only enthuse the RSS leadership but at the same time, it is a dictum for the governance too.

During interactions with the RSS chief or the second layer of the RSS , BJP does return in the same coin. But these are purely on personal basis between Amit Shah and Mohan Bhagwat or  Narendra Modi and Mohan Bhagwat.

But insiders in BJP certainly say that the RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat was quite angry when he summarised the six major issues that are facing the nation. BJP is also planning to circulate the RSS Chief’s Sandesh to the state and district headquarters to be printed in the local language and for further policy directions.


Governor’s Conference to be held next week but most want to meet Pranab Mukherjee

The Governors Conference 2017 will be held in New Delhi from October 12 and 13th. President Ram Nath Kovind will convene the first conference after assuming his role as President of India.

An informal Governors Conference without the President or Prime Minister is being held on the previous day, October 11, and ESL Narasimhan, the Governor of Andhra Pradesh, as the Doyen of Governors will preside over to informally discuss the sub groups of 2016 Governors Conference and their report.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has indicated that he will likely spend maximum time with the governors asking them about their states’ political, economic and developmental issues, which he cannot directly discuss with the Chief Ministers. Modi wants feedback from Governors on the "ground situation". Apart from that the focus across all India will be security. It will be to focus more on how to tackle Border security threats, cyber security and the frequent cyber terrorism among school going children through games like Blue whale.

An interesting side to this three-day event is that most of the Governors belonging to BJP are keen to pay a courtesy call on Pranab Mukherjee. At least 18 Governors have sought an appointment with Pranab da, during their four-day stay in New Delhi. Also for the first time, the Governors Conference is being cut to two days  of deliberations in order to avoid repeat briefings.

The PM also appointed five new Governors on Vijayadasami day with a view that the new Governors will be able to present about their states at the Governors Conference. Only Madhya Pradesh is now vacant. All the Governors have since been in position. In all probability Madhya Pradesh has been kept vacant for Anandiben Patil, after Gujarat elections, say in January 2018, she will be appointed as Governor of  Madhya Pradesh.


Amit Shah’s mega plans: Launch 8 regional parties in time for 2019 Lok Sabha polls

If a research is undertaken on the topic of 2019 Lok Sabha polls and Amit Shah BJP Chief’s theme two major points will be covered. Amit Shah, the strategy head for 2019, has decided to encourage the launch of regional parties. In 2018 Amit Shah plans to have six regional leaders to plan their position in the states where Congress is stronger. We have a small teaser since  Amit Shah has asked Narayan Rane, the strong man of Konkan, who walked out of Congress to launch his own political outfit named Maharashtra Swabhiman Paksh (MSP). Amit Shah speculates Narayan Rane will certainly cut the Congress base and in elections 15-20% of Congress votes will be taken by MSP Narayan Rane in 15 Parliament Constituencies in Maharashtra. Similarly, Amit Shah plans that if Rajinikanth launches a party in 2018 he will help BJP to win 3 to 4 seats in Tamil Nadu. But the newly floated party MSP’s leader Narayan Rane has so far held six rounds of private meetings with Amit Shah. Narayan Rane said: “I have just launched the party. I am waiting for some people to join, but MSP will certainly be a part of NDA.”

According to insiders, Amit Shah’s mega plan for Karnataka and Kerala is also interesting.

R Rajagopalan is a senior correspondent in New Delhi. The views expressed here are his own and do not reflect those of Asianet Newsable

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