Sachin Tendulkar holds countless records in cricket and is referred to as the 'God of Cricket'. And, it's all due to his sublime batting skills, which has become an inspiration for a lot of young talents, who have followed in his footsteps.

One of the fine batting skills that Tendulkar possessed was the backfoot defence, owing to which he gave a hard time to the bowlers, who not only struggled to get rid of him, but he also scored runs aplenty. Consequently, many have wondered as to what is the secret behind his successful backfoot defence.

On Wednesday, Tendulkar was celebrating his aunt's birthday, at her home in Dadar. He shared a video on his Facebook page, where he revealed that she was the inspiration behind his successful backfoot defence.

"A visit to my aunt’s place in Dadar is always special and filled with nostalgia. We recently celebrated her birthday there & relived many fond memories. During my 4 years there, I used to make her throw a golf ball at me and practice backfoot defence at the very same place & it’s heartening to see that she is still ready to do the same even today. 😇" Tendulkar wrote in his post.

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In the video, he says, “This is the same apartment where I spent four years of my school days. I grew up here and the same room, where I used to practice backfoot soft-hand defence and that time I used to practice with a golf ball. And, my aunt, who is sitting at the same spot, used to throw the ball at me to bat.”

“In the same room, I used to hang a seasoned ball in the room with the help of a sock and practice for hours. It’s nice to see my aunt, who is holding a seasoned ball, is willing to chuck few balls at me even at this age,” he concluded.

Watch the video below: