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ODI World Cup 2023: India's Rohit Sharma says WC is unfinished business ahead of opener against Australia

Explore Rohit Sharma's relentless journey as he leads India's quest for ICC World Cup glory, showcasing his unwavering commitment, mental toughness, and the pressure-handling skills essential for cricketing success.

cricket ODI World Cup 2023: India's Rohit Sharma says WC is unfinished business ahead of opener against Australia osf
First Published Oct 7, 2023, 8:48 PM IST

The absence of global trophies in the collection always leaves a void, no matter how revered you are as an athlete. Sachin Tendulkar experienced that emptiness until the victory in 2011, while Lionel Messi had to wait until 2022 for his moment of glory. Rohit Sharma, too, is a champion player, but his desire for a 50-over ICC title is evident as he referred to this World Cup as "unfinished business" for him. Despite winning two ICC events, the 2007 T20 World Cup and the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy, Rohit acknowledges that in cricket, the 50-over World Cup is the ultimate prize.

"Yeah, I mean, you've heard the great man say it so many times that until he wins the World Cup, he's got unfinished business. I'm sure you know who I'm talking about," Rohit stated, making an obvious reference to the legendary Tendulkar.

"So, it's the same for us as well. You want to win the World Cup; it's the biggest achievement in your career. But there's a process to it, a method in the madness, if you will."

Often, the desperation to achieve the ultimate goal can lead to risky decisions, and Rohit recognises the potential pitfalls. He emphasises the importance of finding the right balance between staying hungry and staying desperate.

"In desperation, you can make decisions that may have unintended consequences. It's good to be hungry and desperate, but you have to find that balance. You can't get too far ahead of yourself, as that can lead to unwanted outcomes."

The senior players in the team have accumulated vast experience and understand how to handle pressure. However, even with hard work accounting for 99 percent of success, the minuscule one percent of luck can't be ignored.

"Ultimately, we have to leave some things to fate because we need that bit of luck in the tournament. I hope we get that luck, but it would certainly be nice to win a World Cup."

Rohit has learned a lot from his 16 years in cricket, particularly in dealing with high-stakes games and immense pressure. He acknowledges that handling pressure is a unique skill, and individuals may react differently to it.

"I'm sure at certain stages of the tournament, some players and teams will experience pressure. That's when we need strong characters."

This Indian cricket team is known for its resilience and tough mentalities. All 15 players have faced their share of challenges, trials, and tribulations before reaching their current status as battle-hardened achievers.

"As Indian cricketers, we're expected to handle high-pressure situations. I see a lot of mentally tough characters in this squad who have overcome hardships in their careers. Nothing has come easy to any of them, and they've persevered through their struggles to achieve what they have today."

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