The growing popularity of RSS worker Rudresh even in the Muslim-dominated Shivajinagar constituency is said to be the primary reason behind his brutal murder.

This startling revelation has been made by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) in its 750-page charge sheet submitted to the court. The accused - Popular Front of India (PFI), city unit president Asim Sharif, Irfaan Pasha, Wasim Ahmed alias Wasim, Mohammed Saadiq alias Mohammed Mazar and Mohammed Mujeeb were upset over the fact that Rudresh was luring people from Muslim community to BJP, thanks to his popularity. 

Besides, this year, Shivajinagar - which is dominated by Muslims - had decided to celebrate Ganesh festival for the first time. Rudresh had planned and organised the Ganesh festival at Shivajinagar, much to the chagrin of the accused. Irked over this, the accused had decided to eliminate Rudresh to save their community, says the charge sheet.

Before carrying out the murder, the accused had met several times near their prayer centres from January 2016 and are said to have discussed the plan. On October 15, 2016, Asim Sharif had directed his aides - the other accused - to hack Rudresh to death. 

It is said that Asim had provoked the other accused to perpetrate the crime by showing them the footages of Muzzafar Nagar communal riots. Rudresh, also a prominent BJP member was hacked to death in broad daylight on Kamraj Road near the busy Commercial Street in October 16.

Piecing together the details of Rudresh's murder, the premiere investigation agency has ruled that Rudresh was not killed for any personal reasons, but it was an act of terror. "The accused were not happy that a Hindu leader was gaining popularity in the minority dominated area and this was their primary reason to murder him," says the charge sheet, reports Kannada Prabha. The chargesheet also says that the accused had received assistance from the banned terror group Al-Umma of Tamil Nadu. The accused

The BJP had held series of protests condemning the state government's failure to ensure law and order in the city and had also claimed that the murder was a part of planned controversy.