The Hague: Two explosions took the people of Netherlands by surprise on Wednesday. However, no injuries have been reported.

The bombs are suspected to have been placed in letters.

One of the explosions occurred in the mailroom of a commercial building in Bolstoen, while police reported another blast the southern Dutch city of Kerkrade later.

The police took to Twitter to inform people of the first blast stating, "Today morning, an explosion occurred in the mailroom of a commercial building in Bolstoen. It is assumed that the explosion was caused by a bomb placed in a letter. No injuries yet".

Police have not commented on whether the explosions were connected to the letter bombs received by businesses in several areas of Netherlands in January

Five Dutch companies, based in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht, received letter bombs last month, according to reports. A threat letter followed all bombs.

Reports cited police at the time of the incident who stated that the letter bombs did not cause any damage because they did not go off, but it could have caused serious bodily injury.

(With ANI inputs)