In an attempt to show his congregation his faith, a pastor who said that he will walk on water met a rather horrific end after he got eaten alive by crocodiles.
The incident took place in Zimbabwe and is widely been reported in international media. Jonathan Mthethwa, a pastor with the Saint of the Last Day church, has been identified as the unfortunate victim.

Jonathan who attempted to recreate the biblical story brought his entire church to a local river known as Crocodile River - and told the congregation that he will demonstrate his faith to them there. The pastor faded 30 metres into the water but when he tried to resurface on the water, in order attempt to walk on it, he was attacked by three crocodiles.

He was literally devoured by the crocodiles. According to a report in the Daily Post, only his sandals and underwear were what was left of him.

An Eyewitness Deacon Nkosi told the Daily Post: ‘The pastor taught us about faith on Sunday last week.

‘He promised he would demonstrate his faith to us today, but he, unfortunately, ended up drowning and getting eaten by three large crocodiles in front of us.

‘We still don’t understand how this happened because he fasted and prayed the whole week. They finished him in a couple of minutes.

‘All that was left of him when they finished eating him is a pair of sandals and his underwear floating above the water.