As part of the preparation for welcoming the Prime Minister of India-Narendra Modi- for 'International Day of Vesak', Sri Lankan authorities are removing wasp nests from trees. Fearing possible 'attacks' during the visit, the security units assigned the responsibility of Modi's security are coordinating with the Hatton superintendents of Police office and are removing the nests safely, considering the need to preserve their kind. 

However, following the instructions of police chief Pujith Jayasundera, the nests are being currently removed by the Hatton Police Director's Office. Lankan police believes that the wasp nests could be disturbed by the VVIP helicopters arriving at the venue. Inside sources said, "Lankan authorities have taken measures to prevent any attack by these wasps that are now present in large numbers in the estate sector."

Modi is scheduled to travel to Sri Lanka on May 11 to attend the Buddhist festival Vesak Day', which will be held from May 12 to May 14. This will also include the International Buddhist Conference that will be attended by 400 delegates from more than 100 countries. Modi will also inaugurate a hospital in Dickoya, which has been built with Indian assistance. He is also likely to address a public rally at the Norwood grounds.