A herd of elephants running toward the camera would give one the first impression of enraged wild animals either running to safety or attacking somone. However, a keener look will tell you what exactly the matter is. Running in the middle of the herd is a baby elephant who was orphaned when he was just 4 months old. 

Dok Geaw, as it was named by its caretakers at the Elephant Conservation Centre, was brought to the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand to mingle with the herd. Surprisingly, the herd ran together to welcome their newest member. He is now getting used to the herd and is apparently having a gala time. 

The video is an example of how elephants bond with each other, much like us human beings. They also rejoice in the smallest of moments, reacting in a humanly- manner. We hope the baby continues to be a welcome addition to the family.