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Watch: Seen a Rhino running across the street? This video will leave your surprised!

A video of a rhino running through the streets of an urban area, leaving the onlookers stunned and scared, is going viral over the internet. Netizens were also left stunned after watching the video, reminding them of the Jumanji movie.

Watch Saw a Rhino running across the street? This video will leave your surprised!-tgy
Bengaluru, First Published Aug 8, 2022, 8:19 PM IST

Animal videos has probably the best and most adorable ones that you will find on the net, and are the ones that will surely leave you amazed. But there are also videos of wild animals being encountered in human habitats, which can definitely leave us stunned.

One such a video of a rhino, running through the streets of an urban area, is going viral over the internet, and the onlookers are seemed to be stunned and scared watching the unexpected guest.

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In the nerve-chilling video, a rhino can be seen running at its full speed through the streets of an urban area. People in the area can be seen hiding in nearby shops, and as the rhino passes through the shops, people slowly come out to see the unexpected guest. As the rhino marches forward, a few e-rikshaws can be seen parked on the roadside, and as the drivers see the mammal, they run out of their vehicle and hide in the nearby shops. The rhino continues to run without hurting anyone or damaging any properties. Take a look at the nerve-chilling video:

However, the date and place of the video are still unknown and have left the netizens stunned. IFS officer Susanta Nanda shared the video on his Twitter handle and captioned the video by saying this happens when humans settle into a rhino habitat, leaving them wandering into the towns.

The video gathered more than 75K views and around 2.5K likes in just three days of being online. Netizens were quick to fill the comment section with their opinions and concerns. Many people were concerned about the rhino's safety, while others supported Nanda and urged the authorities not to give permission to build towns in forest areas. A few other users said the incident reminded them of a scene from the movie Jumanji, while others said the video was scary and left them stunned.

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