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Watch: Mandarin duck’s swim time will blow your mind!

A video of a stupendous Mandarin duck swimming in a pond is going viral, and netizens are eye-popped after watching its beauty.

Watch Mandarin duck's swim time will blow your mind!-tgy
First Published Aug 25, 2022, 8:22 PM IST

Have you ever seen a Mandarin duck? With its distinctive and elaborate plumage, the Mandarin duck is considered to be the world's one of the most beautiful birds. They are the natives of East Asia but have also established their federal populations throughout Western Europe.

The Mandarin duck prefers dense and shrubby forested edges of rivers and lakes and lives on seeds and plants. However, their population has recently declined in China and Russia, mainly due to habitat destruction.


The spectacular bird nests in trees; to the Chinese culture, they are considered a lifelong couple, as they symbolise conjugal love. Now a video of a marvellous Mandarin duck, with its orange feathers and purple chest, is going viral and netizens are left mesmerised after watching it.

In the 12-second-long video, a spectacularly beautiful Mandarin duck can be seen swimming on the banks of a lake. The bird can also be seen fluffing its beautiful wings. Take a look at the mind-blowing video:

The spectacular video was shared by a Twitter user named 'Science girl' and added a caption that said the male mandarin duck in the video is in its magnificent breeding plumage as they will shed into less vibrant colours out of season. She added that these ducks are considered a symbol of love and fidelity in a few countries as they are known to be monogamous life partners.

The video has gathered 1.2 million views and 27.3 likes from the date of being online. Netizens were left mesmerised to see the beautiful Mandarin duck and loaded the comment section with their opinions. A user said the video looks so unreal as the bird is spectacularly beautiful, while another said one should honestly admit that this is the most beautiful bird in the world. Another user said the more we observe these Mandarin ducks, the more we will delve into them.

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