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Watch: Man grabs up watersnake, ends up with multiple wounds

A viral video of a man picking up a watersnake intentionally and ending up with multiple puncture wounds is leaving the netizens terrified. The internet says he deserved it for his reckless act.

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First Published Nov 18, 2022, 6:46 PM IST

Snakes are considered to be one of the most creepiest animals. Some people are so frightened by the reptiles that they can't even imagine encountering them in real life. While a few others just love to pet the snakes, and we often see people keeping pythons as their pets.

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There are tons of videos of people and animals encountering snake attacks on the internet. They can surely leave us spine-chilled for some time. We indeed also come across with videos of snake catchers catching the snakes. Some of them can be seen handling the reptiles very professionally and carefully, while a few others handle them recklessly and ends up injuring themselves.

Such as this video of a man picking up a watersnake intentionally and ending up with multiple puncture wounds on his hands. In the now-viral video, a man named David Orin can be seen picking up a watersnake that was slithering away. As he picks up the snake, the reptile turns around and bites the back of his hand.

He suddenly drops the snake, but as the snake notices he is again trying to grab the snake, the reptile jumps up and bites his fingers which causes him heavy bleeding. But what shocked the internet is that he picks up the snake with his bare injured hand again, and the agitated snake bites his hand for the third time, causing him to bleed more. However, he finally decides to leave the snake alone and shows his bleeding hand to the camera. Take a look at the nerve-chilling video:

The horrific video was shared on an Instagram page named ‘world_of_snakes_’ and was initially shared by a user named 'adventorin’. The video has gathered around 2 million views and around 40K likes from the date of being online. Netizens were shocked to see the video and expressed their opinions in the comment section.

A user said the man deserved every inch of it, while another asked whether he was out of his mind. A third user jokingly asked the man whether it was his first day on Earth. Another user said he should have also given the snake a kiss and hug. A fifth user claimed that the man is really bad at catching snakes.

Watersnakes are generally called non-venomous snakes. However, once they are left agitated, they flatten their bodies and bite the intruder. Each byte from a watersnake can cause heavy bleeding, swelling and even damage to the tissues.

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