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Watch: Pet snake attacks owner while removing it from cage; netizens terrified

A video of a pet snake attacking its owner as she removes the snake from the cage is going viral, leaving social media users terrified after watching it.

Watch Pet snake attacks owner while removing it from cage; netizens terrified-tgy
First Published Oct 27, 2022, 2:23 PM IST

Pets are the best companions for humans to have in their life. With their adorable moves and unconditional love, people get extra happiness in their life. But this prefers what animals we keep as pets.

Some may love to keep dogs, cats, birds and even fish as their pets, while a few others love to keep reptiles like snakes, spiders, and even lions. What makes it difficult is that we can't predict their behaviour all the time. Sometimes, they can be very calm, but at some particular point in time, they can be a bit annoyed and may attack humans.

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Such a video of a woman getting attacked by her pet snake as she opens the cage to remove the reptile is now making rounds on social media.

In the horrific video, a woman can be seen opening the cage of her pet snake to remove the reptile from it. But as she lifts the lip of the glass cage up, the snake sneaks out of it and leans toward her. She realizes that it was never a warm approach after the snake bites her hand all of a sudden.

The snake quickly wraps itself around her hand, making it difficult for her to escape the situation. The woman seems to be calm and tries to put the snake back in the glass cage but fails.

The snake then wraps around the woman's shoulder, making it worse to get rid of it. While the woman seemed to be in visible pain, another man jumps to the rescue and pulls down the snake from her shoulder.

The snake, however, doesn't leave her hand and holds it more tightly with its teeth.

The man finally takes out a snake hook and pulls the woman forcibly out of the snake's mouth. The woman, however, escapes from the clutches of the snake's mouth but is seen heavily bleeding.

Take a look at the nerve-chilling video, but we recommend that kind-hearted people avoid watching.

The horrific video was shared by a Twitter user named The Ginger Ninja, who added a caption saying this is why he didn't want to pet a snake.

The video has gathered around 8.6 million views and around 10K likes. Netizens were horrified after watching the video and loaded the comment section with their opinions.

A user said this is why he doesn't like to keep exotic pets, while another said these animals could be unpredictable, and it's better not to keep them as pets.

Another user asked why people keep snakes as pets when they are not even loyal to the owners, while the other user said this video would make people understand why it is not advised to keep predators pets.

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