Oftentimes, we get intimidated thinking about the future and succumb to following the pathways that have been led by generations preceding us - conforming to societal standards and expectations. It’s less painful and much easier this way. However, some people do not settle for the ordinary; not only are they able to identify the loopholes in the current system but as trailblazers, they pave new pathways for themselves and for others to follow. This is an account of Deven Bapna - a trailblazer who claimed insurgency against the current societal standards and inspired everyone around him to pursue what they desire.

Founder of Madster Media, Deven Bapna is a 20-year-old entrepreneur and a Social Media Marketing Expert. At a tender age of 17 years, while his peers were filling out school applications and enrolling themselves in top-notch colleges, Deven passion for entrepreneurship was igniting - more intensely than ever - and he grew determined to pursue it professionally. He continued to nurture this passion, despite acknowledging the possible resistance and hurdles he would have to face for choosing to defy the norms.

In his pursuit of the extra-ordinary, self-reliance held great importance for Deven. Hence, the first thing he did was: sign up as a Virtual Assistant on an online freelancing platform Fiverr, so that he could secure a stream of income to be invested in his own venture. He says,

“Thinking that you need money to start a business is fine, but thinking you need someone to give it to you is not.”

Initially, Deven had to spend around 16 hours a day to earn a meager 100 dollars a month. However, he took advantage of resources like Youtube and Quora and finessed his skills in Social Media Marketing and Graphic Designing as he had learned that these two services were high in demand. Soon, Deven had earned enough to start his own company Madster Digital Media Agency.

 Accomplishing this milestone restored confidence in Deven and he realized that he was capable of achieving much more than what he already had. Eventually, he established 1 more company in the same field: Instagram Specialist. Now, he provides a variety of services ranging from high-quality website development and content writing to securing targeted followers and increasing your influence on Instagram.

While sharing his views on being relevant on the internet, Deven Bapna said, "One must always be true and genuine to their audience. The best way to be a social media influencer is to know what kind of content the audience expects. My success mantra has always been to be original rather than following someone. If you create something unique on your own and if the content hits the audience in the right way, then nobody can stop it from becoming a havoc on the internet."

His Instagram account @devenbapna