Woman who killed son to protect granddaughter from rape to be granted bail

First Published 6, Oct 2017, 5:18 PM IST
Woman who killed son to protect granddaughter from rape to be granted bail
  • Section 100 of IPC will be invoked, which deems her innocent in the eyes of law as she murdered to avoid rape.
  • She murdered her son to protect her granddaughter from being raped.
  • Ideally, the law requires a murder accused to be jailed.

The 65-year-old woman who had hit the headlines for her courageous move of killing her own son to protect the dignity of her granddaughter, will finally be free from trial. Arrested on charges of murder, the woman is set to be released on bail. Speaking to The News Minute, police superintendent for Sivaganga district, T Jayachandran, said that the bail order will be passed on Friday evening.

On September 18, the woman's son had tried to sexually assault his own 19-year-old daughter in an inebriated condition. This was not the first time that the 47-year-old man had tried to misbehave with the girl. Unable to take it anymore, the woman picked up a sickle and hacked her own son to death.

Although the law requires the murderers to be jailed, there will be an exception in this case because of section 100 of IPC. As per this section, if death is caused in self defence to prevent or escape rape or murder, the accused need not be tried for murder. 

Sivaganga SP said, "The family had applied for bail and it came up in the Sessions court today. We have said that there is no objection to it and the order will be passed in the evening." He further added, "As for altering the sections, we are in consultation with legal officers. We will see to it that the change is made."