A bank professional suffered from head injuries and she is receiving medication at the Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital after a couple allegedly attacked her for feeding stray dog and puppies. 31-year-old, Savithra Manoharan, of Choolaimedu was feeding the dog on the night of Wednesday, April 12, when a couple of the same locality reportedly attacked her.


A case of harassment and threat to life has been registered against the couple by the Choolaimedu police, reported a leading daily. 

Animal lover Savithra stated that she had been feeding the stray dog and her puppies since the past one month on the Bash Street located in Choolaimedu. On Wednesday night, when she went to feed the dog the couple who lives nearby accosted her and started arguing with her. 


The man asked Savithra to not feed the dog, because the puppies and stray dogs snatch away footwear from outside the home of the couple, the Times of India quoted her as saying. Savithra reportedly told the couple that if the dogs were causing inconvenience, then the man could inform civic bodies and corporation to send the dog squad who will sterilise the stray dogs.


Savithra in her complaint stated that the man said that considering Savithra is a female he was ‘refraining from doing anything’ which made her lose patience and it led to an argument. The man then pushed Savithra and banged her head against the nearby wall; the daily quoted her as saying. 


According to the constable who reached the spot, the man was drunk when he physically assaulted Savithra. Meanwhile, the accused at the police station said that Savithra hurt herself when she hit her head on the nearby wall.