Superstar Rajinikanth has been quite vocal about his likes, dislikes and expectations off late. After yesterday's regret of the disoriented youth, the superstar made it clearer that he wanted the youngsters of Tamil Nadu to be rooted in their tradition. While that is something people of his age would always back him for, but Rajini is still left with an unfulfilled dream. 

Here's what it is. During the audio launch of 2.0, which took place in Dubai on Friday evening, Thalaiva threw a hint at an unfulfilled dream. He said, "I don’t even remember how these 40 years passed. It still feels like 4-5 years. If not for god’s grace and the love of my fans, I wouldn’t have come this far. These 40 years have taught me that fame and money only bring minimum happiness. When people ask me is it difficult to be Rajinikanth, I tell them it’s only possible because of my faith in the almighty.” He further added, "There is one yet unfulfilled dream. Let’s see what happens to it.” 

Well that got the mullahs thinking. Did he just speak of his debut in politics? However, unlike Kamal Haasan, he has neither made any official announcements, nor has he started doing any field work for his election agenda (read the Ennore creek preservation call by Haasan). His political inclinations are unclear too. While some believe that Rajini is playing his cards secretly, others believe that he is too busy with  his shooting schedules and would soon be seen sending clear political signals.

Unlike Kamal Haasan's incessant political attacks on corruption, Rajinikanth has been a very silent player. The only political statement that he seems to have made was in 1996. He said, "If Jayalalithaa is voted back to power, even god cannot save Tamil Nadu." The ripples of the statement resulted in the defeat of J Jayalalithaa then. Such was the power of Rajinikanth.

However, the superstar might still be weighing his options carefully because he knows that the merits required for being a politician is different from those required for being an actor. And 15 years back, he had said "God wanted him to stick to being an actor". Probably, that is why he is delaying his options of being an actor-turned-politician. No wonder, on May 15 this year, while addressing a rally of fans, he had said, "If you step into the water and later realise that there are crocodiles in it, you shouldn't brave them and refuse to step out of the water. Such blind courage will take you nowhere."

Nevertheless, politics may still be on his cards and if that is the case, he should better be off with his political moves that will help him stand against the charm of Kamal Haasan.