Even after one year of former CM of Tamil Nadu, Jayalalithaa made her exit, the mystery around her death is still haunting. The first question comes to the mind is if December 5 is the real first anniversary of Jayalalithaa or was she dead much before the said date?

Controversies around Jayalalithaa’s death refuse to subside. Four dots found on Jaya’s face strengthen the theory that her body was embalmed which probably means that she died much before December 5.

Here is Dr Sudha of the Madras Medical College which had carried out embalming on Jayalalithaa's body speaking about the process and four dots on Jayalalithaa's body. She said that embalming was done on Jaya's body as it is done on any VIP's after their death. 

"As the body is kept for public viewing, the body might smell or start degenerating. Thus embalming is done to make the body look intact. Embalming was done on the day Jayalalithaa died," she said.

Speaking about the four dots, she said: "I did check, there were no deep dots (on cheek)...I cannot say why such dots appeared deep in social media (videos)," Dr Sudha Seshaiyan of the had told reporters in February this year.

So, what are these four dots on Jaya's body?

Watch: Dr Sudha speak about embalming on Jayalalithaa's body:

Dots on face are an indication that embalming has been done on Jayalalithaa. According to the Wikipedia, embalming is the art and science of preserving human remains by treating them (in its modern form with chemicals) to forestall decomposition. The intention is to keep them suitable for public display at a funeral, for religious reasons, or for medical and scientific purposes such as their use as anatomical specimens.

This video clearly shows the four dots on Jayalalithaa’s face, captured during her funeral in Chennai:


In the process, a trocar (a long, hollow needle attached to a tube) is used, which is generally jabbed into the abdomen, two inches above the navel. However, the trocar is also used simply to aspirate gases from the intestines and insert embalming fluid. At the end of the process, any holes that were made are sewn shut or closed with "trocar buttons," which look like plastic screws.  

 The four dot-like features on Jayalalithaa’s body have given raise to suspicion that embalming was done on Jayalalithaa. As it can keep the body fresh for nearly 60 days and no one including her family was not allowed to meet her, there is a suspicion about the date of Jayalalithaa's death.

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Adding to the suspicion are the facts that after admitting her in the hospital on September 22, Jayalalithaa was not shown addressing anyone, not even her photograph inside the hospital was shown.

A complete secrecy was maintained by the hospital staff, Sasikala and her close aides who were inside the hospital room, where Jayalalithaa was admitted.

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Besides, Jayalalithaa’s foster son Sudhakaran and her close relatives including her niece were not allowed to meet her and were sent away from the hospital. Even they did not get a glimpse of Jayalalithaa.

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The likes of actress Gowthami and others had demanded answers on why there is secrecy being maintained about the treatment given to Jayalalithaa and her death. Advocate Brahma from Tirunelveli has filed a RTI demanding answers for maintaining secrecy around Jaya’s death.

Even O Panneersevam, most trusted leader of Jayalalithaa, made his rebellious political 're-entry' by demanding probe into Jayalalithaa's death. He was all set to do anything to get the truth regarding this out. But now, he is in power along with CM Palaniswamy, but surprisingly, there is no probe on Jaya's death nor OPS looks keen on bursting the myth around Amma's death.

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