As technology is catching up people are getting busier, and a lot is missed out due to the busy schedules. This is the reason why people are getting married over Skype and getting divorced over WhatsApp and even live streaming the crucial moments of their lives so that no one missed out on anything.


Keeping up with the tradition of digitisation (a word too familiar now), the Greater Chennai Corporation Velankadu crematorium in New Avadi Road, Anna Negar of Chennai has decided to offer free Wi-Fi from April 15 to live stream funerals. Yes, the crematorium is making sure that the near and dear ones of the deceased do not suffer from FOMO.  


The Greater Chennai Corporation Velankadu crematorium is managed by Indian Community Welfare Organisation, a non-governmental organisation. Though this seems like an unnecessary move in a country where Wi-Fi in public places is not a common facility the organisers and officials of the crematorium believe that this facility has a practical purpose, the Hindu reported. 


According to the officials, relatives of the deceased back in their homes and living in abroad or those who cannot attend the funeral can now watch it live from their respective locations due to the Wi-Fi facility. 


The founder secretary of the organisation, AJ Hariharan, stated that the idea of free Wi-Fi came when a London-based old lady could not attend the funeral of a relative in Chennai, the Hindu quoted him as saying. He also stated that the organisation has been able to get a high-speed internet connection for live streaming without interruption. 


The free Wi-Fi can be used by 20 people at the same time during the working hour of the crematorium. The organisers as of now have paid for a year through their sponsors, Rotary Club of Meenambakkam, Hariharan stated.