Today is September 22. The most mysterious day for the entire Tamil Nadu or at least Amma fans. This was the last day people saw or heard from their beloved Chief Minister Jayalalithaa only to see her body after 72 days.

From dehydration to allegedly Sasikala pushed her from the steps, many theories are doing the rounds about why Jayalalithaa was admitted to the hospital. Tamil Nadu is still searching for the answer even after one year of Amma's death. But the state is no more the same nor will ever be the same with the kind of political games be played keeping Jayalalithaa's name and image in front of the people.

Even to this day, the Apollo Hospital in Chennai has not released even a single picture (forget the video footage of Jayalalithaa in the hospital). O Panneerselvam, who was made the incumbent Chief Minister by Jayalalithaa when she had gone to jail in the disproportionate assets case and even before she was declared dead, had pledged to facilitate CBI probe into Amma's death.

But now, even after joining hands with the ruling Edappadi Palaniswamy government, has not transferred the probe to the CBI yet. So are all the leaders using Amma's name to hold on to the power.

Will CBI probe off Amma's death will be like the Kashmir issue which will come to fore during every election and die down when not in talk and resurface for decades?

The fact is that the fate of Tamil Nadu changed the day Jayalalithaa was allegedly hospitalised. The strong state crumbled and there started a new fight for the power. After MGR, Jayalalithaa was at least a leader of experience and charm whom people liked and voted back to power.

But after Jayalalithaa AIADMK leaders have been vouching for their loyalty to Amma, including Chinnamma Sasikala, Panneerselvam, Palaniswamy and others. Current CM Palaniswamy is an experienced politician but lacks the charm and strongheadedness. Panneerselvam might be a better choice, but he lacks the numbers.

The only relief that EPS and OPS have kept the two leaves together. But will they be able to keep the support of people of Tamil Nadu together? Especially with Sasikala's biggest support TTV Dinakaran trying to topple the government as Sasi is in Parappana Agrahara jail in the disproportionate assets case?

Even if Jaya would be in the jail in disproportionate assets case, she most probably would appoint Panneerselvam as the acting CM and would come back to power years later, but not leave Tamil Nadu leaderless or rather full of leaders that don't matter much.      

That apart, it is still mysterious what happened to Jayalalithaa inside Apollo Hospital for 72 days... But one thing for sure with Amma around Tamil Nadu would not have been the same as it is now!