A 14-year old boy from Vellore allegedly set himself on fire to avoid going to school. He had reportedly stolen a wallet from one of his classmates and the teacher had reprimanded him for the same. Fearing that he would be scolded again, the boy intended to skip school the next day.

Police said that the boy just wanted minor burn marks so that his father allowed him to stay back home. However, unaware of the consequences, he poured kerosene on himself and tried to set himself on fire. When the fire started spreading and he could not do anything to control it, he ran to the neighbouring houses for help. After dousing the fire, the neighbours rushed him to the Vellore government hospital with 40% burn injuries. He was then referred to the Kilpauk Medical College and Hospital in Chennai.

The SP said that Govindan had told them that he was kidnapped by two people and then was set ablaze. However, preliminery investigations cleared all doubts in the case. He said, "He had stolen a wallet from a student in his class and the teacher had given him a warning. This could be the reason that he burnt himself. The case is still being investigated." 

It has been reported that Govindan's father works as a daily wage labourer and his mother worked as a domestic help in Bengaluru. Both his parents have been living separately due to a dispute, according to a report by PrimeTimes.in.