Right when the Tamil Nadu ministers are condemning Kamal Haasan, O Panneerselvam’s team has shown their support to the actor.

Kamal Haasan has been both criticized and condemned by various political parties for his comment on corruption in Tamil Nadu.

Dismissing the actor’s allegations, Minister Jayakumar said if Kamal has the guts he can come into active politics and then pass comments.

For this statement of Jayakumar, O Panneerselvam has said that in a democracy, every citizen has the right to criticise the government. 

Following this, K P Munusamy of his team has also spoken in support of Kamal. 

He said, “The ministers should give a proper reply to the allegations made by Kamal and not comment on him. If they continue to do this, it is they who would lose their respect and not him.”