Three constables allegedly robbed a migrant labourer who was waiting at the Chennai Central railway station to catch a train to Kerala. The Tamil Nadu railway police have arrested the trio.

According to a police report, three constables-J Irudhayaraj, J Aruldhoss and S Ramakrishna- attached to the Tamil Nadu special police targetted the migrant labourer when he was sleeping in the waiting area. He was to board the train to Kerala in the morning. On further investigating the case, it was found that the three constables took the migrant labourer to an isolated place without any CCTV cameras and took away Rs 1,800 from his purse, an new cell phone worth Rs 16,000 and his watch. When the labourer pleaded for mercy, the trio gave him Rs 300 for travelling and food and left him by threatening to report a case of robbery against him if he told anyone about the incident.

While the man refrained from informing anyone, a few autorickshaw drivers who were witness to the incident took him to the police station where he filed a complaint. Meanwhile, a senior officer at the police station said, "We have strong evidence. We have registered a case of robbery and extortion. If convicted they would be sent to jail for 10 years."