DMK President and chief opposition leader in Tamil Nadu, MK Stalin, has accused AIADMK of ruining the manufacturing industry in Tamil Nadu.

“AIADMK government has been dwelling in corruption and busily engaged in horse-trading. It has let down the manufacturing sector, which shows no sign of bouncing back,” says the opposition leader.

“The Reserve Bank has published a shocking report on the fall of growth, in the manufacturing industries, during the year 2016- 2017. This serves as important evidence that proves the ineffectiveness of the AIADMK government. The technological advancements have been slowed down, and the ‘Vision Tamil Nadu 2023’ appears to be dormant. The Memorandum of Understanding that has been signed at the World Investment Conference is futile. Meanwhile, the report on the manufacturing industries shows that there has been only a slim growth by 1.65%.”

“The battle for the posts, the age long bribing mentality, bribing for fixing appointments and tenders, have paved the way for the fall in growth. Not only the manufacturing department but soon the other departments would also face such detriment. Ending this regime is the only solution to all of these issues. People should be ready to end this party's regime democratically,” he further added.