Change India, a non-profit organisation, working for child rights and welfare has alleged that an orphanage in Ernakulam, Kerala illegally hosts children from Tamil Nadu and other states. The NGO also alleges that the orphanage is also included in illegal procurement of children, lack of compliance with the Juvenile Justice Act and tax evasion and money laundering in the name of the charitable trust.

Meanwhile, the orphanage in question, Janaseva Sisubhavan, claims to have rescued children off the streets from either begging or abusive background. In all, there are said to be 165 children in two homes, one each for boys and girls. Speaking to the New Indian Express, A Narayanan, the chairperson of Change India said, " We received a complaint from a local resident of Aluva (where the home is) about an illegal home that detains children from various states by branding them as orphans. So we deputed social workers to go to the home and find out the reality." He also alleged that the process of illegal procurement of children could be profiteering in the name of charity.

A social worker, further pointed how the organisation had used the pictures of the destitute and the wounded children to raise funds. In fact, the website of the organisation has profiles of several children with details of the destitute or abusive background.

The orphanage, however, claims to ensure the safety and happiness of the children on their return.

Interestingly, the children from Tamil Nadu do not know the language and they had also lost contact with their biological parents. The social worker added, " I contacted one of the mothers and she said that a broker who promised her work in Kerala abandoned her in Aluwa when the workers from the home took the children away claiming that they were part of an illegal begging mafia. She then hired a lawyer and lost the case giving away five of her children to the home."

Speaking to the newspaper, Padmaja Nair, CWC chairperson at Ernakulam said, " The home does not send children back to their homes even if the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) issues a vacation order. It seems to me that all children are isolated from their parents."

Meanwhile, the management denied that the children were obtained illegally. The authorities in the orphanage said that they did not have any problems in sending the children back home, until they are safely placed and are put up in conducive environments. The authorities further added that the children claim to be happier in their orphanages than in their homes.