AIADMK General Secretary VK Sasikala's husband, M Natarajan is suffering from multi-organ failure and has been admitted in the Gleneagles Global Health City in Chennai. He is said to be in a critical condition.

Currently, the medical bulletins of the hospital have stated that Natarajan was admitted at the Liver Intensive Care Unit with decompensated liver disease leading to liver and kidney failure and lung congestion. He was receiving dialysis and other intensive care therapies.

Natarajan's name has been registered with Tamil Nadu Organ Sharing (TNOS) waiting list for deceased donor liver transplantation. The family is waiting for a donor as Natarajan's liver and kidneys are said to be failing.

Natarajan had a history of the chronic liver disease and was receiving treatment from Gleneagles Global Health City for the last six months. A multidisciplinary team of liver specialists headed by Prof Mohamed Rela is attending to him, reported the Hindu.

Natarajan is infamous as the Mannargudi Mafia kingpin in Tamil Nadu. Natarjan entered the Mannargudi family by way of marriage to Sasikala, current General Secretary of AIADMK Party, who is serving four years sentence in the Bengaluru Central Jail in the disproportionate assets case.

Natarajan is said to be an important force behind the rise of Mannargudi Mafia which holds the most important contracts in Tamil Nadu and controls the financial turnover.

Who is Natarajan

Natarajan is a son of a farmer. His family was in no way connected to politics. But Natarajan always dreamt big. He took part in agitations and led the anti-Hindi campaign with such vigour that then CM Karunanidhi noticed him and offered a Grade 3 job.

But he lost his job during the emergency. But Natarajan had the plan B ready, say reports. Though it is claimed that Sasikala who ran a video cassettes shop wanted to get closer to Jayalalithaa, some reports say otherwise. It is said that through his connections Natarajan got Sasikala closer to Jayalalithaa. From then, whatever his plans were he allegedly put Sasiklala in the forefront and played his game.

Meanwhile, AIADMK had got his house raided in 1989. He was publically thrashed by the party members, say reports. But all throughout he was silent and faced everything without any controversy.

Sasikala, along with Natrajan and 40 others members of the Mannargudi family were known to be staying with Jaya at the Poes Garden Home.  It is alleged by many that  they were trying to kill her with slow poison, and Sasikala and her family were thrown out of Poes Garden house in 2012.

In this situation too it is said that exactly after 100 days of expulsion, Sasikala came back to Jayalalithaa. Jaya agreed to Sasikala's return but with a condition that she should leave behind every one of her family including her husband, Natarajan. Sasikala agreed to this and left her family, husband to join Sasikala.

Reports say that this master plan of sending Sasikala back and making her agree to whatever Jayalalithaa says was made by Natarajan. Though Sasikala and Natarajan never met in public after this, the veil was removed, and Natarajan came into the picture on the day of Jayalalithaa's death.

However, soon after Jayalalithaa's death the entire Mannargudi family including Natarajan were seen surrounding her body, to the shock of many leaders and people in the family. Thus Natarajan is said to have prepared the blue print for whatever Sasikala was proposing. She was just a puppet in the hands of Natarajan, point out speculations.

Was Sasikala pushed to the brink by Natarajan, despite his active involvement in the crimes committed? But in the end only Sasikala went to jail for it.  Natarajan and Sasikala do not have any children. Now with Natarajan taking ill, what will be Sasikala's next step, or if Natarajan has kept another plan ready? Only time will tell.