An overcast sky should have been a reason for happiness in Tamil Nadu, especially since the state went through extreme drought-like situation in the past few months However, things are a tad bit different from what was expected. Monsoons in Tamil Nadu, especially in the urban areas has become a source of extreme pressure both for the authorities and the people. 

For instance, just a few days back, the flood control room of Tamil Nadu assured people with measures to combat any calamity caused by the rains. However, it did not have a solution to prevent the impending devastation that people of the city have been fearing every monsoon since the debacle in 2015. 

Now, with on and off rains, the met department predicted that the state will witness heavy rainfall. In fact, since the arrival of the Northeast Monsoon, some rainfall activity has been witnessed throughout the state. The last 24 hours almost revived the 2015 memories as moderate to heavy rains lashed across the state during the same time frame. According to, since 8:30 am on Sunday  Nagapattinam received heavy rains of 48 mm, Karaikal 46 mm, Cuddalore 26 mm, Chennai 20 mm and Vellore 4 mm.

The reason for this has been attributed to the cyclonic circulation over Southwest Bay of Bengal off Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu coast. Northeast Monsoon is also said to have activated over the state. Thus moisture from the Bay of Bengal will enhance the possibilities of rains in the region.

According to the weather masters, the state will receive moderate to heavy rainfall during the next 24 to 48 hours. Intensity will be higher over coastal areas of the state as compared to the interior parts. The city of Chennai would be no exception.

Now, for the sewerage system and the ability of the state administration to combat any unforeseen situation. We have been discussing in our previous articles how the rampant development in the state has clogged some of the major natural drainage systems like the Ennore Creek. Moreover, there has been little or no improvement in the drainage system in with respect to the growing population in the state.

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Although the figures estimated now are nothing close to the 1218.6 mm of rain in 2015, things can go out of control if there without disaster management this time too, thus unlocking the fears of the people of Tamil Nadu yet again. 

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