Apprehensive that the prime accused in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case- Nalini- would flee if she was given ordinary leave (parole), the state government has informed the High Court that her request deserves no merit and prayed to dismiss her plea.

According to a report by the Deccan Chronicle, the state government said, "In view of the gravity of offence committed by the petitioner, having international ramification, the respondents (authorities) can reasonably apprehend that the petitioner, if released on leave, may escape from the lawful custody."

S. Nalini is serving life imprisonment in Vellore prison. In her affidavit, dated November 12, 2016 and January 23, 2017, she has requested for six months parole to make arrangements for the marriage of her daughter. In this regard, it was said that the petitioner did not submit relevant documents pertaining to her daughter's visit to India. Moreover, she herself had stated that her daughter lived in London with her grandparents and was not a citizen of India. The petitioner has not given any valid proof like copy of visa travel documents of her daughter in support of her request for the leave.

As per the Rule 24 of the Tamil Nadu suspension of sentence rules, 1982, all petitions for grant of parole has to be received by the government, which will then be referred to the Probation Officer. The officer will then personally enquire into and send his report to the government or to the Superintendent in Form-I.

If the officer feels that the release or leave of the petitioner will lead to a breach of peace, he will refer the case to the local sub-inspector and record his views on the same. In this case, however, the petitioner has not given any valid proof of the genuineness of her request through the Probation Officer concerned.